Anyone been able to buy the Invisible Morphsuit yet?

Yeah, didn’t think so!

On April 1st at 8am there was an announcement from Morph HQ. Morphsuits broke the silence on a secret R&D project from ex-Nasa scientist Mark Rober, announcing the launch of the first costume designed to make the wearer totally invisible.

According to the announcement, the ‘Hollow Man Morphsuit’ had been in research and development for three years and the team of scientists and engineers had developed the patent-pending ‘MirrorMorph’ technology that creates the invisibility effect.  As a result, the final costume consists of a specially made material that is fused with spandex, made up of thousands of micro-LEDs and mirrors, as well as dozens of small cameras capturing the required angles to ‘project through’ the wearer. The Holy Grail of fancy dress, the costume went on sale at 8am for a mere £999.99, available to UK buyers only at:

Pretty believable, huh? APRIL FOOLS!!!

So believable in fact that our little April Fools gag got coverage in a range of media the world over. Ranked 5th best in the list of April Fool’s PR pranks behind Google Plus and Dominos by Buzzfeed, Morphsuits’ “launch of the world’s first invisible costume” got coverage in a host of media including the Daily Mail, Yahoo, Live Science, Digital Spy, Pocket Lint, Gizmodo UK… to name but a few… the list goes on!

Check these out:

beach girls invisible morphsuit

Live Science actually put out a story saying ‘this is no April Fool, it’s real, possibly the best costume ever.’ And, the Kerrang Radio host also almost fell of his chair with excitement and was biting my hand off to get the inventor in the studio to talk about it on air, exclaiming the best Halloween costume ever… until he realized his mistake!

Invisible Morphsuit Street view

So until next year people… In the mean time we’ll get back to the research and development… Happy April Fools!

Guard invisible morphsuit

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