CreepyPasta BiWeekly Bonanza Special

We’re going to give something slightly different a go for this week’s BiWeekly Bonanza. We thought a feature could be pretty cool on the creepiest costumes we have and the stories that they derive from – CreepyPasta.

If you don’t know what CreepyPasta is, we may have to ask you how you get such stable wifi in the rock you’ve been living under. It is the perfect nightmare fuel for those of us who feed off of creepy stories like its pizza. It’s also brilliant for costume inspiration!

We have created some awesome CreepyPasta inspired costumes and the stories behind them are possibly even more awesome… Possibly.



Zalgo is a creature that doesn’t get the attention it deserves – it’s really weird and creepy. Zalgo could be the creature that haunts the internet, a demon that lives in the ones and zeros making up the internet, or it could be the monster who has always been a part of this earth, causing chaos and ruining lives. Or Zalgo could just be in your imagination.

A story called He Comes was posted on CreepyPasta in 2013. It is about a guy who has experienced some weird things – such as weird wispy tendrils moving in comics, people with black eyes, and strange exclamations of the name Zalgo. This is just one of the many Zalgo stories permeating the internet but it really all started with an Archie comic parody, created by a SomethingAwful-forum user called Shmorky. He states that the idea of Zalgo was something he made up that represented something that was coming, something horrible. So really, it could be anything…

When fan-art of Zalgo is drawn, there are a few key characteristics: black tendrils, scrambled text, blown out eye-sockets, and blood dripping from eyes, nose, and ears. It’s pretty creepy which is exactly what we loved about it, and what we incorporated into our Zalgo Morphsuit! With black tendrils dripping down the suit and long sharp fingers, this suit is sure to creep out even the most veteran of horror fans.




Jeff’s story is one of the most famous CreepyPastas out there – it’s often taken and reimagined but the most common story was posted on the CreepyPasta forum in 2012. It isn’t perfectly written but the end of the story is creepy. As. Hell.

In this 2012 story, Jeff was an angsty 13-year-old with a lovely little penchant for hurting people. Charming. However, during a fight he got involved in something in his psyche snapped, turning from disturbed 13-year old into kid killing machine. In this fight, Jeff got a bottle of vodka smashed over his head in an attempt to disable him and he (somehow) got covered in bleach and lit on fire.

The story then moves to the hospital. Jeff was covered in bandages as he had suffered third-degree burns. A few weeks later, his bandages were removed and this is when the story gets interesting. His face was leathery to touch and pure white in color; his eyes were set deeper into his skull, and his lips had turned from a normal pink to a dark red. But the unsettling thing was that he couldn’t stop laughing. His mother was horrified, at the sight of her son’s new face and at the way he was acting. She didn’t know that her son had lost his sanity. However, Jeff was free to be taken home. In the middle of the night, Jeff’s mother discovered him in the bathroom. He had carved a Glasgow Smile into his cheeks. That night he killed his mother, father, and brother. The last 3 words his family heard were a very simple command: “Go to sleep.”

After reading the end of the story, it’s understandable why Jeff the Killer is so famous. While this particular story is pretty badly written, the end makes up for it and is the basis of many of the Jeff the Killer stories floating around the internet. And for our awesome Jeff the Killer Morphsuit. Those deep-set eyes and Glasgow Smile are perfectly printed on this Morphsuit so you’ll be suited and booted this Halloween with ease!

jeff PNG



Arguably the Slenderman is the poster monster of the CreepyPastas forum. It personifies the concept of the site and of internet legends in general. Games were created, web series went into multiple series, and more sinister things have happened which we won’t talk about – all based on the tall creature with the long arms.

Slenderman originated from a Photoshop competition in 2009 to create a new paranormal creature and it was these photoshopped images that sparked an urban legend to form. More photoshopped images appeared online along with a false doctor note, describing the experiences of alleged Slenderman victims. The masses of fan-art started flooding in and stories began to multiply, gaining popularity with each publish. It was around this time that the first mention of the monster spread around DeviantArt and 4chan, and even to YouTube for the web series called Marble Hornets. All of this happened in the June of 2009 – the creation of Slenderman, sudden success and what would be seen as the beginning of a phenomenon. Since 2009, Slenderman has become a household name, more or less. His large looming frame without a face but incredibly long limbs and protruding tentacles can be recognized instantly by any millennial.

Over the years we noticed that we were getting more and more requests to release a Slenderman Morphsuit because people were already using our White Morphsuit to mask their facial features. So we listened and made one. It’s both a fan and Morph office favorite.

slenderman PNG

MorphCostumes present to you, our BiWeekly Bonanza! Every two weeks, we will send you some of the best videos/ideas/pictures in costumes. With cool people doing cool stuff in cool costumes every day, you’ll get awesome content every two weeks!

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