How to Plan a 90s Party!

Hit me baby one more time, with a righteous party – and this time make it 90s style. Being one of the most colourful decades of the 20th century, the 1990s was a time of girl-pop, boy-pop, Pop Rocks, and everything in between. Movies were their funniest, and style was it’s quirkiest. If you’re hoping for a party that can end and begin a century, the 90s is where it’s at.

How Do You Plan a 90s Party?

From food to decorations, your 90s party will draw a crowd if you plan it right. Right from the Word Art filled invitations, make sure you add a few memorabilia that will pull at your friends’ and coworkers’ heartstrings. As a young adult, most of us spent some of our childhood in the 90s, so why not create an evening that brings us back to our roots? So, grab your boom box with your favourite cassette tapes, some pudding cups, Lunchables, and Slurpees (filled with adult-style alcohol), but what costumes
should you wear?

What Did They Wear in the 90s?

Men wore styles influenced by business casual or “sporty” trendsetters. Long-sleeved shirts, belts, khakis, and a tie were quite popular. Characters in television shows such as Boy Meets World and Saved by the Bell But it wasn’t all just dressed-up fashion. Bright colours and prints were popular among almost everyone. The 90s was also an adjustment period between the heavy-metal and grunge periods, which meant many men (and some women) enjoyed dressing in ripped jeans and band t-shirts as well.

Women loved bright colours, sporty clothes, baby-doll dresses, and belly shirts. If you thought two or three articles of clothing could never mix together (try a denim vest over a bright yellow shirt), they fit perfectly in the 90s.

Even Lloyd and Harry from Dumb and Dumber didn’t turn as many heads as they would have now when they wore their iconic orange and blue tuxedos.

They’re definitely the best bromance costume of the period. And, if you have more than one best friend, you could always go for the white suits Nsync wore in their A Little More Time On You music video.

What Do I Wear to a 90s Party?

We may seem old, but the 90s weren’t that long ago. Somebody somewhere has a storage locker full of Adidas jogging suits and Spice Girl style platform shoes. If you weren’t lucky enough to be born yet in the 90s, ask around or visit a few thrift stores. To finish it off, add some temporary tattoos, stick-on earrings, and a neon-coloured scrunchie (on the side of your head, of course) and you’ll fit right in. For some inspiration, you can also watch some of your favourite 90s movies to get in the costume mood.

Mens Dumb Blue Suit Costume
Mens Dumb Blue Suit Costume
Womens 90s Pop Star Dress
Womens 90s Pop Star Dress
Red Power Ranger Morphsuit
Red Power Ranger Morphsuit

What are good ideas for 90s Costumes?

Dressing up as your favourite character from one of your favourite movies is one of the best and most fun parts of going to a themed party. It would be hard to argue that the 90s didn’t give birth to some of the best, rewatchable movies of all time. Jim Carrey, Adam Sandler, Jude Law, Chris Farley, Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymore, and Kate Winslet were a few of many amazing actors who were in their prime during the 90s.

Hilarious movies such as The Mask have stood as a testament and foundation for future generations – and have led to some amazing costumes.

Television was time for dramas and sitcoms, all of which set fashion trends and styles. Everyone at the party would know which show you were basing your costumes on if you and your partner dressed up as Ross or Rachel or the sexy women and men (can I hear a David Hasselhoff!?) of Baywatch.

A full range of 90’s costume ideas can be found here!

However you choose to throw your 90s themed party, make sure the music is prime and the food is fantastic. You can even pull out those board games from the basement and play a round of Twister – It would sure be fun after a few rounds of Jell-O shots.

What do you have planned for your 90s party? Let us know in the comments.

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