5 Original Women’s Halloween Costume Ideas for 2019

The last thing you want this Halloween, other than to have a run-in with the real Michael Myers, is to show up to a Halloween party and see at least a dozen other women wearing the exact same costume as you. If you’re having a difficult time trying to find an original, on-trend women’s Halloween Costume for 2019, you don’t need to give in to the “sexy bunny” or other overused costumes. You’ve found the right blog post.

Here are 5 Original Women’s Halloween Costume Ideas, Perfect for 2019:

This Giant Inflatable Unicorn Costume

Don’t let the man in the picture fool you; this is the perfect women’s costume! If you can hold your bladder for a little extra time (this one might get tricky) then you’re definitely going to make some magic this Halloween. This costume is light, friendly, and comfortable. Everyone who meets you will have a smile! And admit it, you’ve always wanted to see what it would be like to have four legs! You don’t even need to wear clothes under it (we won’t judge).

Giant Inflatable Unicorn Costume

This Victorian NANNY Costume

This costume has so many possibilities! It’s flattering, warm for the cool October nights, and has a striking color that will turn heads at your Halloween event. You will bring that party down in history with this costume, no sexy bunny cleavage needed.

Victorian Nanny Costume

This Wind-Up Doll Costume

Looking to go for inexpensive, dark, sexy, and still unbelievably cute? This wind-up doll is perfect for you. It’s comfortable, easy to wear, and goes perfect with all those dark accessories you’ve been saving since upper school. There’s no such thing as too much eyeliner, either.

Zombie Wind Up Doll Costume

This Zombie Nurse Costume

It’s all about the blood for you this Halloween. You may have been the first to get hit with the Zombie virus, but you’ll be last to get any complaints in this perfectly original women’s costume. Those regular sexy nurse costumes don’t compare!

Zombie Nurse Costume

And, For The Creative Women Out There, This Giant T-Rex Skeleton Inflatable

We’ve saved the best for last, admit it. If you’re anti-social or love a good laugh, this costume will definitely be the one that starts all the right conversations. If I were you, I’d take this one trick-or-treating, you’ll get the best chocolate for sure!

Giant Inflatable T-Rex Costume

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