Funny Halloween Costumes For Men

Everyone has their own goals for Halloween, especially men. The fair few would rather spend the night indoors (it’s probably because they haven’t found this blog), some love trick-or-treating with the kids, others love to be the centre of attention – but most love the opportunity to have some fun and get some laughs.

You can do all of the above (even stay inside and hand out candy) in one of these funny Halloween costumes for men:

This Pick Me Up Alien Inflatable Costume

Maybe he’s giving you a hug, helping you as you choke on a piece of taffy, or trying to kidnap you and take you back to his ship. Regardless, this inflatable costume will get some great laughs from everyone this Halloween,

Pick Me Up™ Alien Inflatable Costume

This Giant T-Rex Skeleton Inflatable Costume

Inflatable costumes will always be popular – and this T-Rex costume is no exception. You should show off those dance moves from the 90s in this one because you’re definitely ending up on Youtube (might as well go viral). Bring back that love of dinosaurs, or just love of bones, with a perfectly original Halloween Costume.

Giant T-Rex Skeleton Inflatable Costume

This Zombie Piggyback Costume

If anything, you know you won’t be the ugliest one at the party – your little zombie friend will take that award. Wouldn’t you love to take over the zombie apocalypse with a zombie slave to carry you everywhere? Hey, wasn’t that your cousin Marty?

Zombie Piggyback™ Costume

This Esteemed Leader PiggyBack Costume

Admit it, this one got you laughing. Where others fail with just a simple mask, you win the night by going above and beyond this Halloween. It might not be for the sensitive ones at the party, but the vast majority (get it?) will laugh with you, not at you. Get your jokes ready for this costume, because there are some good ones!

Esteemed Leader Piggyback™ Costume

This Grim Reaper Inflatable Costume

Another best for last situation. Who said the grim reaper had to be a negative fellow? What, you mean he isn’t trying to hug me from behind right now? This costume will gain some laughs, some points, but best of all, it will definitely have the crowd rethinking any bad decisions of the night.

Pick Me Up™ Grim Reaper Inflatable Costume

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