Inflatable Halloween Costumes

It’s the bigger the better this Halloween season! Our Inflatable costumes certainly have a legendary reputation which will ring true as soon as you stumble into the room. Ke$ha was right – the party really don’t start ’till you walk in!

Alien Pick Me Up Inflatable Costume

As soon as this costume was posted on our Facebook page, the comments went crazy and we sold out of these bad boys! They’re still out of stock at the moment but will be getting more on the website before Halloween. If you want an Alien Inflatable costume, keep checking our website in the next few weeks.

Skeleton T-Rex Inflatable Costume

From the live thing to the fossil – we have every kind of T-Rex Inflatable costume you would ever want. These costumes took over the internet and now you can contribute to the takeover – just with added Halloween flair.

Giant Panda Inflatable Costume

Looking for a mad animal costume you can wear anywhere, anytime? Then our Inflatable Giant Panda Costume is here to help! However, perhaps wearing this costume somewhere with really low ceilings wouldn’t be ideal – when we say it’s a Giant Panda costume, we mean it!

Scary Inflatable Costumes

We have some pretty awesome Halloween Inflatable costumes – from Giant Slendermen to Pick Me Up Grim Reapers. You need to get one of these costumes for Halloween if you want to grab all the spotlight (and free drinks) you can!


Bit confused how to inflate these awesome costumes? We’ve given you a hand with that too should you need it. Check out our YouTube channel to watch our How To guide to Inflatable Costumes.

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