White Ranger’s Catchphrase Needs Reworking – Morph Update

Happy Friday Morph fan and welcome to the Morph Update! That email every once in a while featuring the some of the stupidest, funniest, and occasionally the cringiest videos in costume.

We have some real nonsense in store for you this time – a kinda creepy dance routine, a baby biker and navigating the world of 2017 PC culture.


Uh-oh… is #WhiteRangerIsOverParty on the cards?

😂😂 #lmfao #rotfl #lordhelpme

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2017 + Political Correctness = MINEFIELD

You think you have a better example of the Rangers? Film it and send it in to us! No need to be a Scorsese or a Tarantino. All you need is some idiot friends to be in it and the Morphsuits. We can’t help you with the idiots but we can direct you to the Morphsuits!


Creepy costume, not so scary setting… 

There’s nothing more terrifying than a mirrored gym hall in Tennessee… Our pals at Loyalty Dance Team choreographed a pretty good dance using our Jeff the Killer Morphsuits as inspiration. It’s just a shame the setting wasn’t as creepy as our Morphsuit.

Sure, we are showing you a Halloween Morphsuit in May but you can never be too prepared!

Responsible Parenting Right There

We always wanted a parent like this – irresponsible, a biker, and someone who wears white socks with all black. Imagine seeing this Father & Son of the Year duo speeding down the street… then the cops speeding down soon after. If you’ve been a Morph fan for a while, you’ll be used to this.

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