New Piggybacks & Creepy Clowns – BiWeekly Bonanza

Welcome once more to MorphCostumes’ BiWeekly Bonanza! Your source of cool costume content (check that alliteration) every two weeks, directly from MorphCostumes. Ain’t you lucky…

We have a great selection of photos/videos/costumes in store for you this week!

Our first batch of Piggyback costumes were a wild success. They flew off of our warehouse shelves in a matter of days and it seems the new batch will too… Our Piggyback stocks have been replenished with brand new designs but you’ll have to hurry if you want one – we won’t have them long!

We also have a great Morph comparison video and the creepiest recreation of our Clown Morphsuit. Happy scrolling!


New Piggyback Range!

We have been waiting (im)patiently for our new Piggyback costumes to creep onto our website and the time has finally come! We have so many great new costumes, you gotta buy one before they sell out!

Buy a Piggyback costume for yourself here!


Nature Shows are too Intense! 

Nature shows are too intense to watch on a regular basis – if you do watch them on a regular basis, we tip our hats to you. All we think when we see this is ‘RUN, GREEN MORPH, RUN!” as if we were Jenny shouting after Forrest….

If you want to recreate scenes from great nature shows, buy our solid colour Morphsuits here!


IT Takes Many Forms… 

One word – Pennywise. The new IT movie is coming in September, and we’re very excited! Don’t worry, our Clown Morphsuit isn’t going anywhere, and neither is Ellie – one of our favorite Instagram MUAs!

Huge thank you to Ellie for creating this awesome look inspired by our Clown Morphsuit! Buy the suit here



MorphCostumes present to you, our BiWeekly Bonanza! Every two weeks, we will send you some of the best videos/ideas/pictures in costumes. With cool people doing cool stuff in cool costumes every day, you’ll get awesome content every two weeks!

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