Awkward Costume Situations are Never Fun – BWB

Hello frequent MorphCostumes customer, this is your BiWeekly Bonanza calling! The biweekly guide to some of the best ideas in costumes. You know how this goes, we’ve done 3 of these already…

This week we give you a variety of cool stuff: the legend that is Rémi Gaillard, a very hilariously awkward costume situation (which we’ve all been in), and a slideshow of our favorite Marvel Morphsuits.


Rémi Gaillard – the Man, the Myth, the Morph

So Rémi Gaillard is one of our heroes, and we were so honoured to be a part of one of his pranks back in the day. We even think we’ll put this on our resumé…

Marvel’s Mightiest Morphs

They’ve been wearing suits like ours for decades, so it’s only right that we create a whole line of Morphsuits for our favorite superheroes.  They deserve it. Grab yours here!


Costumes can be pretty hard to nail sometimes…

Okay we’ve all been there – you’re dressed in our Piggyback Fat Stripper costume and someone directs a feminist rant at you, even though they’re dressed as a slutty nun. The guys at Third Leg Studios really nail this kind of situation with this sketch so check out their stuff!


MorphCostumes present to you, our BiWeekly Bonanza! Every two weeks, we will send you some of the best videos/ideas/pictures in costumes. With cool people doing cool stuff in cool costumes every day, you’ll get awesome content every two weeks!

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