Beating Heart Zombie T-Shirt


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Product Includes: Adult T-Shirt with Phone Pocket

Material: 100% Cotton


Beating Heart Zombie T-Shirt

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Considering they're dead, ugly folk (and dead ugly) with annoying mobility problems, zombies are surprisingly popular - and now you can become one too with the Beating Heart Zombie T-Shirt. Join the walking dead community this Halloween by downloading a free app to your smartphone (all types), slipping it into the velcro pouch within the T-Shirt and double tapping to activate the unsettling cardiac contortions... And it doesn't end there - double tap to activate other animations such as maggots, gears, tarantulas or snakes which writhe in your chest cavity. Nice.

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T Shirt Size Chest Length
Small 34" to 36" 28"
Medium 38" to 40" 29"
Large 42" to 44" 30"
XL 46" to 48" 31"
XXL 50" to 52" 32"

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