Hello, we're Morphsuits and we're here to make awesome costumes to make your life more fun.

In the beginning..:

We started in May 2009 because we love costumes and we had an idea for Morphsuits and thought a few other people might like to join in. Turns out 1.2M people wanted to join in. Goodie.

Morphsuit Story - Meeting
Why Morphsuits?:

For several reasons:

  • Our MASSIVE…range. We started with 6 colours, we now have over 200 designs, styles & formats for every occasion. Roaarrr!
  • Morphsuits give you x-ray vision. No joke. You can see out...
  • Morphsuits get you loads more attention which is a good laugh, because you’re anonymous it brings out a more fun version of yourself (bit like drinking 10 pints, for those underage, like eating 8 bags of skittles and chugging a quart of coke).

Morphsuit Story - Flying plane Morphsuit Story - Tuxedo on stage

  • Our quality. We also discovered the importance of having a nice, tight fit and being able to see out of your Morphsuit. Sounds obvious but not if you're one of the knock-offs who try and copy us by obliterating the quality of their suits. We use a special spandex mix, double zip, 4-way stretch so your body looks better in a Morphsuit.

Morphsuit Story - Reinforced Morphsuit Story - Double Stitching Morphsuit Story - Double Zip Morphsuit Story - Visibility Morphsuit Story - Better fit
WHAT’s New in Morphsuits:

Well, it turns out Spandex isn't for everyone (who knew) but impactful costumes are! So we're launching some new costumes called MorphCostumeCo with all the impact of a Morphsuit without the spandex. Here are a couple of examples, Green Soldier, Tetriminos, Mr Men.

Morphsuit Story - Morph CostumeCo
New gang member:

We’ve started working with Digital Dudz and the genius behind it, ex-Nasa scientist, youtube hero, Mark Rober (that's him below btw). Mark's big brain created the first tshirts and costumes that incorporate smartphone app animations. All you've got to do is buy one of our digital dudz tshirts, download the Digital Dudz smartphone app (iOS and Android devices), which brings the costume to life by displaying interactive animations, including beating hearts and moving eyes, that fit in a specially engineered Velcro pouch within the costume. Easy.

Morphsuit Story - Digital Dudz
Our promise:

No matter what product you go for, on the small chance that you are not 100% delighted with it, just get in touch and we will sort it. We fully expect most of you will just be way too busy killing it at your party!