Fancy dress and costumes have always been a big part of our lives. It started as children, when our parents used to dress us up for the annual town fair. Nowadays this may be considered child abuse but even at that young age we loved the response and attention that we got, the new friends we made and we worked out that fancy dress costumes made life a bit more fun. While at University it was much the same but with the addition of a bit of booze. However, we got more and more hacked off with the poor quality of the costumes so usually we made our own...

1978 Homemade costume fun


Team members - 3

Costumes - 6 solid colours

Facebook fans - 32,000

Then we met Mr Blue. This is where it all began. Gregor, Fraser and Ali attended an athletics (read: drinking) competition where the theme of the weekend was 'wear one colour’.

Our best mate Stew Walker rocked up in a dodgy fetish suit, he couldn’t see much and it didn’t fit well but he was King of the party that night. That was our eureka moment… Inspired by Mr Walker’s dodgy outfit and the reactions it received, we thought that we could develop the idea into an awesome fancy dress costume. We worked for months designing, prototyping and tweaking to get the quality and design just right so you could see out, but no one could see you. Then we ordered some suits - just 6 plain colours to start with. We set up a website for $700 (I know what you’re thinking, “that much!”) and Morphsuits phenomenon was born.

2009 Morphsuits phenomenon is born


Team members - 4

Costumes - 10 solid colours and skeleton

Facebook fans - 142,139

Armed with some smart ideas and a buoyed with some marketing on Facebook, Morphsuits all of a sudden really began to take off. To such an extent that Gregor, Fraser and Ali decided to leave behind their ‘normal' jobs as they we were tired from working till 2am every night and they started working at Morphsuit full time. This allowed them to do much more - more cool designs, more marketing, more PR. We started working with brilliant manufacturers in China, attended Costume Industry Trade Shows to get to know the industry better, even thought we were the only ones who dressed up. All this time we wore Morphsuits pretty much everywhere we went - well, doesn’t everyone?!?

2010 Morphsuits everywhere


Team members - 6

Costumes - 53 solid colours, patterned and flag morphsuits

Facebook fans - 584,121

In 2011, we started our bid for global domination and began selling Morphsuits across the globe. It turned out there are loads of crazy people who love Morphsuits all over the world. This meant we got the chance to design and make loads more awesome costumes. Lederhosen costumes for German carnival, Slenderman for frightening the crap out of people in North America, and the Aussie flag to name a few. We also started getting seriously into social media and started the Morph Hall of Fame, some of the famers are below. Then we started girl costumes, pretty impressive I’m sure you agree?!?

2011 Morph Famers


Team members - 18

Costumes - 71 solids colours, patterned, flag, morph masks, mega morph and Morph Costume products.

Facebook fans - 982,139

In 2012, after a few years in the costume industry, we thought that there was an opportunity to build on the success of Morphsuits and expand in to traditional (non spandex) costume market. So we took the big decision to take investment from the British Growth Fund (BGF) to allow us do even more stuff. So we trebled the size of the team (the shy retiring bunch you see below), moved out of our living room office into an actual office (blue room) and moved from doing just Morphsuits to non-Spandex costumes because it seems that spandex isn’t for everyone (who knew). The big thing we learnt is that awesome non-spandex costumes let you boss parties just as well as Morphsuits. We now do Saving Private Morph, Tetris and Block Head costumes to name a few.

2012 Morph Famers


Team members - 25

Costumes - 178 costumes - all of the above and Digital Dudz T-shirts and Christmas jumpers

Facebook fans - 1,213,199

Morphsuits went digital. This is mainly down to having met a Nasa scientist Mark Rober. After Mark helped put the Mars Rover on the Planet Mars, he created an amazing Halloween costume which featured some digital trickery to 'blow a hole through his stomach' (insert link). After totally owning the Halloween party, he posted the video to YouTube and a couple of million views later, he started his own costume company called Digital Dudz. In 2013, Morphsuits merged with Digital Dudz because he is a brilliant, genius costume designer (and a great guy) and have been incorporating his digital innovations into our costumes since. Our current thinking is to give our Superhero range real super powers, check out Spider-man’s web blaster. We also moved into Xmas sweaters because that was another occasion to have a laugh.

2013 Digital Morph


Team members - 30

Costumes - 305 costumes - Morphsuits, Morph Costumes, Digital Dudz T-shirts, Christmas jumpers, Traditional Fancy dress costumes

Facebook fans - 1,423,107

2014 is all about the relaunching the brand and upping our game when it comes to creating the most amazing costumes in the world. We started as Morphsuits, we're best known for the word 'Morph' but as we've grown we've started to sell non-spandex costumes, so we're changing our name to MorphCostumes. Makes sense. To tell people about this we've made an advertising campaign called GetMorph. Our costumes are so impactful (we think anyway) you get more than just a costume, you get more, you get more good times, more fun, more ladies. Putting Morph infront of words beginning with F makes it sound like 'more'. Try it out MorphFamous, MorphFriends, MorphFunky. Yeh yeh, here's a video which explains it much better.

So that's us, what about costumes. We're working with more geniuses, to create more costumes, for more occasions. For starters, we're working with Rahat, 3.5M subscribers and just under half a billion views. Rahat is helping us launch our new line of prank costumes, including severed arm and alien chest burster. We're also working with guys like Tom DePetrillo who is one of the best costumers in the world.

We're working with Tom to bring the next level of costumes to our website. In addition to all that we're launching the first global costume competition, think Xfactor meets Kickstarter at Halloween. We want people all over the world to make their own Halloween costume, post it on our website. The winner will get $10k and we'll make loads of their costume and sell it on our website, for every one that we sell they'll get a royalty fee. Enter here....

See you in 2015.