So, you've decided to throw a costume party for your birthday this year, proving that you still know how to have a bit of fun. Now you just need a theme. It's too much to send out a generic request for buddies to turn up in ‘dress up'. Chances are they're going to need a bit of help. And that's where we come in. Behold, a few invaluable party pointers to help you plan the best costume birthday party in the world. Ever.


The different decades can provide an instant party theme thats pretty uncomplicated. The 70s and 80s are obvious ones for ‘oldies 90s if you're still just about clinging on to your youth. They work well if you're a big fan of the music of that particular time and also ideal if your friends are generally a

bit lazy, boring or unimaginative. It's pretty easy to rock up in some kind of dodgy 80s garb after all. If you like this idea but want to set more of a challenge for your guests, pick a popular TV show of the time, or narrow it down to celebrities, pop stars or trends.



There is bad taste and there is really bad taste. It's a personal thing. Bad taste to you might be a naked hillbilly or a tight fitiing mankini, while bad taste to one of your slightly sicko mates could be Ebola Contamination Suit or Colonel Gadaffi mask. Be sure to set the boundaries of bad taste is what were recommend especially if your mum is coming. For more bad taste costumes click here.



The celebrity theme always works a treat. Encourage friends to come as their celebrity hero, alive or dead. The less adventurous can cop out completely with a mask while all your real friends will go to town as their favourite rockstar, starlet or superhero.



For a lot of birthday girls and boys (single ones mostly) dressing up in costumes for birthdays is fine, so long as the theme lends itself to looking drop

dead gorgeous. Any kind of comedy facial hair is a big NO for the girls, instead choose a look that will show off your sexy side, like this Wonder Woman costume. And boys should generally steer clear of anything too ‘zany' if they want to have any chance of pulling. We love Mr Men suits and cuddly penguins, but they should probably only be worn by men already established in a fully contracted relationship. A superhero or sexy pirate is a much better idea.
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