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Festivals have become a summer time staple for music lovers across the world. And, we REALLY love them. We flock to them in our thousands in fact. Intelligent people from all walks of life are prepared to swap nice warm homes for flimsy cloth ones. We abandon our lovely clean bathrooms for an overflowing bucket full of other peoples excrement, with a stamp-sized square of toilet paper to use (and that's if youre lucky).


We camp out, whatever the weather, thigh deep in mud and other nasty stuff, braving the elements so that we can catch sight of our favourite bands, inspiring poets, celebrated artists and super-hip DJs. And to generally partake in the euphoric state of being that is festival fever. Even sensible ‘grown up' people love a music festival.


Segregated ‘family friendly' areas allow jaded mums and dads the opportunity to feel young again. They rock up every summer to festivals such as Glastonbury throwing themselves into the sweaty mosh pit, the second the kids have fallen asleep. we have seen it with our very own eyes, and once you get that festival buzz you will get addicted. It's very easy to go to at least four or five festivals a year when you are a festival pro.


Some festivals have a distinctly hippy vibe, where the dress code veers towards Woodstock-style think lots of flowery 70s style head bands, gypsy tops and ultra short denims for the girls. While others serve up a high-energy crazy cocktail of a festival dress code, where basically anything goes often the weirder and more wonderful, the better.


In fact if you've ever harboured a secret desire to dress up in something a little bit (or a lot) mad, a summer music festival is the place to play out your extreme costume fantasies. There is not even the remotest chance that you will look out of place, no matter how funny your festival costume. And even if you look really, really stupid no one will care because they will be too happy, too drunk or too off their face on some thing else to register anything but love for your funny festival get-up.


Be comedy Mr Blockhead, your favourite superhero or a giant Frankenbunny. When will you ever get the chance otherwise. Be a crazy Tetris block humanoids and freak out your fellow festival goers in the dance tent. Bring a whole new meaning to 70s tie dye with a skintight morphsuit Blend in with the festival fields and flowers with a lime green morphsuit or get skeletal and glow in the techno tent with this glow-in-the dark skeleton morphsuit.













































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Paint-tastic fun at Secret Garden...

Anything goes dress code at Glastonbury

Smurfs Up at Bestival