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Freak out your friends this Halloween with a totally awesome, spine tinglingly terrifying Halloween costume. Its the one party of the year where dressing up isn't optional, its obligatory so make the most of the opportunity and go all out this year - prepare to rule your Halloween party.


Read on for a few hauntingly good Halloween costume ideas (if you dare).



Young kids love Halloween and since they're the little demons whose job it is to terrify the neighbors, it's important they nail a suitable scary Trick or

Treat look. You can't go wrong with a witchy dress for the girls and little boys look pretty cute in a scary way, dressed up as freshly excavated skeletons or blood sucking killer vampires. Really horribly competitive parents may want to blow away the opposition with something a bit different, like this fantastic Edward Scissorhands costume.












They're getting a bit bored of store witch dresses and skeleton suits by now, so most kids aged seven upwards will want to try a more sophisticated Halloween look. A flesh eating Mummy is a popular choice for this age group and our Kids the Facelift morphsuit, featuring 100s of eyes and faces mashed together into a hideously vile skin-tight ensemble is another hot Halloween favorite. If youd rather steer clear of the slasher horror style costume for your innocent primary schooler, a friendly Ghostbuster is one option and a Glow in The Dark Alien morphsuit or Skeleton morphsuit will look pretty good out on the Trick or Treat circuit.


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Teenagers love a bit of gore in general. But the self-conscious teen may not want to go full on Halloween for fear of looking stupid. There are ways to look scary and hot at the same time however especially for girls, who can apply a light dusting off vampire-style make-up and still look drop dead gorgeous. A Monster High costume can work nicely too just the right amount of spook factor. For teenage boys the options are endless, from vampires and evil villains to hideous killer clowns. A nasty wound is always going to be a hit at the Halloween costume party. For example, a missing scalp might not get you a girlfriend, granted, but your mates will love it. Alternatively, looking as if you've casually sliced off a limb for the evening also works well. Or better still, actually sliced yourself in half. 


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And so we get the grown ups who get very overexcited about the idea of dressing up and for whom the possibilities are endless and include fanged werewolves and scary skeletons. Frankenbunny (you'll never look at the family pet in quite the same way again) and repulsive zombies, their petrified hearts still beating in their undead chest cavity.


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