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There comes a certain time in life when apple bobbing no longer cuts it as your favorite Halloween party pastime and wrapping your mates up in like a Mummy in toilet roll (to win a packet of Haribo) suddenly loses its allure. If you've reached the point when traditional Halloween games simply don't cut it, anymore it's time to get the party well and truly started with some naughty drinking games. Introduce some funny alcohol-based shenanigans and you'll have everyone loosened up in seconds (and quite possibly puking up, in a matter of minutes).

Before we share a few of our favorite drinking games, we have a responsibility to tell you drink sensibly. And if you can't drink sensibly, don't drink TOO stupidly.


The age-old tradition of Trick or treating isn't just for little kids. If knocking on strangers' doors and begging them for sweets isn't your thing, try our alcoholic version for grown ups only. The only rule is that to play, you must be wearing your Halloween costume. Why? Because intoxicated drinking game-playing people, who start to lose control of their bodies, look much funnier dressed up. Fact. If you need some ideas head over to our Halloween Inspiration Section. 

Line up six shot glasses on a table and cover them, so it's impossible for anyone to see what's inside. In half of the glasses pour in a ‘trick' shot (something nasty, strong and very alcoholic) and in the other half, decant your ‘treat' tipple (something fruity, lovely, sweet and non-alcoholic). Each guest then rolls a dice and has to drink whichever number shot they get. The winner of the game is the person who can still remember what their name is at the end.


It's the fun gross-out game for any age group but add an alcoholic twist and it's an instant adult-only hit. Start off by selecting a collection of funny foods that can be easily likened to body parts. Grapes for eyeballs can work nicely, spaghetti for intestines, frankfurter sausages for…you get the idea. Load some small plastic pots with these different foods (resealable sandwich bags will work just as nicely) and take it in turns to guess the body part. Answer wrongly and you have to drink a large glass or shot of something strong and intoxicating as punishment. The great thing about this game is that you can eat all the ‘body parts' once you've finished playing - to soak up the alcohol – as long as you don't mind the fact that everyone's had their hands all over it. What's a bit of bacteria among friends, after all?



It would be a mistake to write this Halloween classic off completely. Our alcoholic version is just arguably a bit more fun. If you're over 18. Carve a number (or use a waterproof marker pen) into each apple and place them all into a large bowl of water. Each guest in turn must then grab an apple with their teeth – the bit of the game we're all familiar with. When you've chomped don on your apple you then have to check the number and immediately drink the corresponding number in alcoholic shots. We'd recommend keeping the maximum apple number less than five and best stick to a light punch rather than hardcore spirits, unless your idea of a fun-filled Halloween night is getting your stomach pumped.



Stick on your favorite scary movie, laying down the drinking ‘rules' before you press play. For example, you could demand that everyone drink a shot anytime someone gets killed in a nasty way? Each time a monster appears? If you want to be a bit clever here, you can make the rules a more interesting. For example, when a character screams, you have to swap drink with the person next to you and down the lot? You get the idea...


Demand that all your Halloween party guests must adhere to a strict scary costume dress code. Then stipulate that, although everyone looks spooky and ghoulish, they're not allowed to mention Halloween or refer to any related subjects. All night. Any time anyone breaks this rule, they have to down a shot of your finest poisonous punch. As is so often the way, when anyone tells you not to do something EVERYONE will soon be doing it. And getting very drunk in the process. Games planned, alcohol purchased all that's left is to get dressed up and ready to play.