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The Ultimate Halloween Party Bags for Kids and Adults

We all love a party bag, no matter what age. So whether you are putting together goodie bags for your kids' Halloween party, or for friends who are attending your extremely grown up event, we have some great ideas to fill them with.

Party bags don’t need to just be filled with wrapped up sweets, the opportunities are endless, from completely hand made goodies inside to something more unusual.

Show off your baking skills by whipping up a batch of chocolate cupcakes, finished off with a swirl of bright orange icing. Simple but effective, pop each cupcake in a clear cellophane bag and tie with black ribbon.

Fill clear cellophane bags with small white marshmallows and label them ‘ghost poop’. It’s a fun idea and an inexpensive way of creating party favours for everyone.

Why not mix up the holidays and create some Halloween crackers, filled with sweets, plastic spiders and black and orange confetti, for party guests to either take home or pull at the party?

Get hold of some small, cardboard pillow boxes and paint these black. Stick on some googly eyes from the craft shop and some cut out bat wings on the side, to create little bat pouches. If you can’t get hold of any pillow boxes then you could use painted toilet roll tubes. Fill with sweets and confetti and hand these out to guests as they leave, or if you’re feeling generous (and have lots of time on beforehand) dish them out to trick or treaters.

Pick up some mini plastic cauldrons or small black plastic flowerpots, paint gold and yellow flames at the bottom to represent bubbling cauldrons and fill with wrapped up sweets. You could even paint the pots orange and draw on a creepy Jack-O-Lantern face to create a pumpkin.

If you want to help your guests eat healthily after consuming copious amounts of sweets at your party, draw smiley faces on satsumas and place two or three in a clear bag, topped off with a plastic spider and orange and black ribbon. Perfect mini pumpkins, which can be eaten later!

There’s nothing left to do now but to make sure those Morphsuits are ready and get crafting, baking and making, all in the name of Halloween!