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Have awesome fun and be totally anonymous

You can see thru, drink thru and see thru a Morphsuit but no one can see you. It's a bit like having X-ray vision like a superhero.

Became a more fun version of you

The attention you get in a Morphsuit is unbelievable. It's like being a superhero celebrity! You find yourself doing cartwheels down a street to play to the crowd. Girls also like men in Morphsuits, just sayin'!

When do you need it for?

Life. Morphsuit are great for any occasion from Parties to Prom, Charity runs to Christmas, Halloween to Happy Birthdays, Stag weekends to School dress-up, to just going down to the shops to pick up the milk!

Will your morphsuit fit you?

Hell yehh! Our secret formula makes Morphsuits really stretchy so there is a size for everyone. We have a really easy to use size chart whether your 3ft 4in (102cm) or 6ft 9in (208cm). Size guide

Can you really see through a morphsuit?

Mais oui. For example, we've had people drive cars, fly planes and destroy dancefloors in Morphsuits (not that we condone it..the first 2 anyway). Visibility is about 80%. Dark colours are slightly easier to see thru in daylight, light colours are best at night.

What fun do people like you have in their morphsuits?

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Spartan Morphsuit

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