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Horse Giant Inflatable Costume

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Product Includes
Adult Inflatable Costume Only. Requires 4 x AA Batteries. Batteries not included. One size fits most.
  • Description

    Inflatable Horse Costume – Giddy Up for a Hilarious Ride!

    Get ready to gallop into the spotlight with our inflatable horse costume! This unique and hilarious outfit is guaranteed to make you the mane attraction (okay, last & only pun, we promise!) at any party or event. Whether you're trotting onto the dance floor, horsing around (ok we lied about the puns) with friends, or simply looking for a fun and memorable costume, this inflatable steed will have everyone laughing and wanting a ride.


    • Hilarious Horseplay: This inflatable costume transforms you into a larger-than-life horse, complete with a head, mane, and tail.
    • Easy Inflation & Wear: Simply step inside and turn on the battery-powered fan to inflate the costume in seconds. The lightweight design allows for comfortable movement and easy interaction.
    • No Rear End Required: Unlike traditional horse costumes, this inflatable version doesn't require a second person to play the back end, making it a convenient and hassle-free choice.
    • Perfect for All Ages: This costume is sure to delight both adults and children, making it a great choice for family gatherings, school events, or any occasion where you want to bring the fun.

    Additional Information:

    • Includes: Inflatable horse costume with attached fan
    • Requires: 4 AA batteries (not included)
    • One size:This costume fits most adults
    • Horseplay Tip: Practice your best horse neigh and gallops for a truly authentic equestrian experience!

    This isn't just a horse costume, it's a ticket to a world of laughter and playful fun. So giddy up, embrace your inner equine, and get ready to ride into the spotlight with our inflatable horse costume!