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Jesus Adult Costume


<p>He's got a cool beard, he's a trusted local carpenter and he's the son of God to boot, yes, it's the <strong>Jesus Costume</strong>.</p><p>Turn wa

We can't help but feel sorry for this bunch of dress up worshipping pals. We are not sure whether they have missed their bus or they have just had a monumental tear up about what religion is the right one. These guys stick out like a sore thumb and for all the right reasons. These religious costumes look good on their own but when worn with a bunch of your closest pals, they look pretty epic, especially the nativity costumes.


We are not quite sure why the bishop on the end seems to have no shoes on. Maybe he just loves getting his cheesers out for the ladies…because as a bishop that's about as much action as you're gonna get. We hope their bus turns up soon, nothing like being all dressed up with nowhere to go.



Pontiff Adult Costume


<p>Do you want to make a massive entrance at your next Halloween party? Have you got a party to go to and you want to be slap-me-in-the face scary? O

Nun Adult Costume


<p>This <strong>Nun Adult Costume</strong> takes us back to when we were little and spent hours watching Sister Act! They had some lungs on them didn

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Rabbi Adult Costume


<p>If you have always liked the idea of dressing as a Rabbi for a party then this is costume is great! This awesome and eye-catching <strong>Rabbi Ad

Mary Adult Costume


<p>Any room at the inn? Why not go down the traditional route this Christmas with the <strong>Mary Adult Costume</strong>? Makes a great couples or p

Priest Adult Costume


<p>Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a priest and preach to your fellow worshippers every Sunday? This <strong>Priest Adult Costume<

Friar Tuck Costume


<p>Are you attending a fairytale themed party? Perhaps you have been invited to a movie themed event? Whatever your reason for wanting to dress up as

Saintly Sister Costume


<p>This <strong>Three-Piece Saintly Sister Costume</strong> is like a twisted version of Sister Act! This sexy nun (is there such a thing?) costume w

Priest Costume


<p>This <strong>Two-Piece Priest Costume</strong> is great if you have always wanted to be a man of the cloth. If you wanted to find god and never qu