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Red Morphsuit $34.99

Blow everyone's minds as well as their eyeballs with the one and only Red Morphsuit, one of our bestselling classics.

Turn We think these guys are a college sight-seeing trip from Japan...on their way to a nightclub with some serious black light so they light up like a radioactive poisonous tree frogs (you know, the colourful ones that can kill you with a tear). Don't worry, we don't think these guys are dangerous, other than some killer (boom!) moves on the dancefloor. We've noticed that some groups go for morphsuits all in the same colour, others like to mix it up, we don't care we think they're all legends. These guys have killed it with are the accessories which take the group look to a whole new level. As we always say more accessories = morphfun. Black Morphsuit $34.99

The Black Morphsuit is simplicity itself, which is probably why it's the bestselling item in the range. Hey, everything goes with Blue Morphsuit $34.99

Don't be blue... The Blue Morphsuit is the perfect base layer to any costume, whether you just want to go as blue or accessorise MorphFamous Multi-Coloured Morphsuits, Fancy Dress Inspiration Yellow Morphsuit $34.99

Put on your Yellow Morphsuit and bring the heat to any party, festival or Carnival. You'll light up the event like the sun itself White Morphsuit $34.99

The purity of the White Morphsuit leaves you free to create whatever character you desire, which is why we and thousands of other Green Morphsuit $34.99

Be a lean, green party machine in our ever-popular Green Morphsuit.

Because it's such a blank canvas, you can turn yoursel Orange Morphsuit $34.99

Get the ultifrienddose of vitamin C by wearing the Orange Morphsuit – in fact, you'll give everyone else standing around you the VIEW MORE GROUP COSTUME IDEAS http://www.morphsuits.com/inspiration-group-costume-ideas Sun Glasses $7.99

  • Only for the coolest Morphsuits
Wig $8.99
  • For Morphs who miss their hair, wear a wig
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