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If cut-throat competitiveness courses through your body, then you'll know that not only is failure not an option, it's not even in the spell check. And this mouth-frothing ardor for glory extends to whatever team or sporting hero you support. It's not about the winning, it's about the taking apart. A simple victory is not the ultimate goal, complete annihilation and grit-munching humiliation of the opposition is.


When compulsive competitive freaks watch a game, support their side, scream at their plasmas, it's a fight to the death. Does this sound like you? Then maybe you should lighten up a bit? Best start with a nice Morphsuit. They come in lots of lovely team colors and comfortable sizes.


Wearing one will establish you as a player. Someone who takes support seriously. It shows you mean business not pleasure. It shows the world your true colors – as you wear a silly suit made of them.


Fortunately for you, we have a wealth of skintight options for all manner of gladiatorial sporting clashes. Australian (hiss), Canadian (boo), American (yay), Welsh (whatevs), Irish (please), Scottish (traitors), French (VVV) and German (third time lucky? Don't think so) and British (oh yah!). An all suits are all available online here.


And if national colors aren't your thing, you and your mates can vie for a place on the stadium screens by opting for any random suit in our dazzling collection - the more eclectic, curious, crazy, out there, loony tune the better. Choose from plain neon brights or select a silly character suit to get yourself noticed.


So much more impactful than a mere whoop or limp clap, these suits will ensure your big screen debut. Sky cameramen love them. What's more you can wear them without fear of reprisal because, let's face it, who's really going to take their chances with a basket case dressed like a naked man or a crash test dummy?


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