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The animal kingdom provides a whole worlds worth of kids party possibilities when it comes to dressing up. And the best thing about an animal theme is that you can take it as far as you feel like. Animal-loving extroverts will want to go all the way with a full body morphsuit, while others will be happy to settle with a beastly mask or a splash of face paint and a decent pair of fangs. We've investigated some of the top animal party options...



Animal morphsuits are the most fun because they cover you up from tip to toe. Your face isn't visible so you can do all sorts of naughty stuff while in animal character (and not get caught). The downside for adults who have organized the party is that it can be hard to tell who is who. Which kid has won the pass the parcel prize for example the gorilla or the King Cobra and was that a jaguar who just poked their finger into the birthday cake. As far as animal variety goes, there's a pretty good range of morph options, from monkeys and grizzly bears to scary snakes and fang-faced vampire bats.



‘Furries' in Mexico have perfected the art of dressing up as cute and cuddly mammals with some of the coolest furry costumes you'll see anywhere.




















But unless you are a professional dressmaker, you'll have a job creating a fox costume this good for your birthday boy or girls animal fancy dress. But thats okay because Amazon stock a super-cute fox tabard that will do the job rather nicely. If you fancy having a go at making your own kid-sized furry animal suit, Pinterest has a few ideas to inspire you.



A pair of leggings and a long-sleeved top can be instantly animalised with the addition of an animal hat or mask. This is a particularly good budget animal fancy dress option. Paperhigh stock a really sweet selection of hats, including a nice zebra, sweet little seal and REALLY cute penguin. The best thing about these knitted hats is that you child might actually wear them again once the partys over. For a more realistic look, you can stick with the top and leggings and add a really cool latex animal mask. Maskworld.com stock a brilliantly diverse selection of them, from chimps, frogs and donkeys to hippos, giraffes and a crazy-looking baboon.



Dressing up as an animal for a party at home or at the local hall is fun. Dressing up as an animal to go and hang out with REAL animals, is really fun. Farm parties at family friendly farms like Odds Farm Park in Buckinghamshire, Cannon Hall Farm in South Yorkshire and Belmont Farm in North London have become increasingly popular. And theres always a trip to the zoo if the birthday boy or girl is keen to check out some more exotic breeds (avoid peak times like school holidays and bank holiday weekends if you want to avoid the really big crowds). Alternatively, invite some animals round to your house. The amazingly knowledgeable Charles Mason can happily drop by with a pretty cool collection. A truly wonderful experience for animal lovers but pretty pricey.


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