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Morphlabs Costume Wizards - Bill Freitag

Bill Freitag was Raised in Indiana and moved to Phoenix Arizona in 1978.

He has been designing things ever since a public school Art teacher inspired him and gave him a love for the Arts. Bill enjoys designing in Photoshop, airbrush, sculpture, pastels, woodworking and fiberglass. He loves working with his hands and creating a design others say can’t be done. In fact, his favorite type of design is any kind of illusion where no one can figure out how it works.

Bill’s creativity however has a downside, “Ideas fill my head and I can't clear my head until I can produce them. The Invisible Man was an idea bouncing around my head for three years.” Bill isn’t exactly a one man team in many of his costume endeavors. “My wife and I are teammates. Once I figure something out, I depend on her to do the sewing aspect of the costume. One time, she was able to figure out how to cover a 22-foot Garfield for one of our floats. She always says that if she can figure out how to cover a giant Garfield she can do anything.”

  • Awards:
  • HUB Network "Best In Bash" National Champion
  • British Airways Award for the Phoenix Electric Light Parade (multiple times)
  • Macy’s Electric Light parade award winning float
(multiple times)
  • Phoenix Electric Light Parade award winner (multiple times)
  • People choice Award for Obama, McCain, and Ev Mecham Sculptured heads
  • Banner Contest Winner