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Morphsuit Voucher Codes & Coupon Codes

Why we don’t use voucher code and coupon websites

We see a number of online sites claiming to offer morphsuit voucher codes and coupon codes which surprises us because we do not offer voucher or coupon codes to any third party companies.

Why don’t we use voucher or coupon code websites?

Morphsuits are the original and best all-in-one suit brand, as shown by the 1,000,000 mentalists on our Facebook page!

We really care about you guys having a great time in your morphsuit. We know that if you buy from us you will get an awesome experience, both in the suit and in terms of customer service. It is this reason why we do not use third party websites who may not offer the great levels of customer service that we do. Also, every other suit out there is a copy and the quality is garbage, most are baggy, saggy and difficult which totally ruins your experience!

How to get a morphsuit voucher or coupon code?

You can enter competitions and win awesome prizes by signing up to our newsletter. We also occasionally offer voucher codes and coupon codes for our Morphsuits.

Are morphsuits worth the extra money?

If you are looking for a morphsuit voucher or coupon code then you are probably looking for a great deal. Yes, morphsuits are slightly more money than non authentic morphsuits but that is for a reason. Our morpshuits contain much more lycra (the stretchy stuff) which means your morpshuit will fit tighter and look much better. Also, the material is a higher quality which means that you can see out but nobody can see in. We use grade 1 quality zips, our material is also 4-way stretch and all our seams are double stitched. Yes...this does make morphsuits slightly more expensive but the extra you pay is worth it! You get 30 'wears' out of a Morphsuit, you're lucky to get 3 from most of our competition!

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