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World Book Day, Dress Up World Book Day, World Book Day Fancy Dress Costumes

It takes place every year in March and it's the biggest date in any cool primary school kids calendar. World Book Day has been running for nearly twenty years, and was set up to encourage young children and teenagers everywhere to read lots of lovely books. Most schools organise an action-packed timetable of activities to help commemorate this annual literary celebration and children basically get to skip maths and have lots of fun. Designated by UNESCO as a worldwide celebration of books, Book Day happens everywhere.


So, if there was ever an ideal week to hide the Ipad and unplug the TV, this is it. It's a week to fish out your dusty reading glasses, remind yourself how to read and get down to the all-important task of inspiring young friends and family members to do the same. Across the world millions of keen mums, dads, grandparents, aunties and uncles will be diligently doing it. No pressure then!


One particularly popular school activity (and if youre a parent, you may already be familiar with this) is the obligatory Book Day school dress up, when your kids teacher asks them to come to school dressed as their favourite literary character.


This can prove stressful for the less creative parents out there who don't have the dressmaking talents to knock up a full Howarts regulation school uniform overnight. And in case you're thinking a quick trawl through the dressing up box at home will fix it, you won't find Batman or Frozen at the top of any school reading list.


With this in mind we thought we'd pull together a few book-ish suggestions. In fact, we created a complete World Book Day inspiration blog post to help ensure your little darling gets a gold star from teacher.


Here are our three favourites World Book Day fancy dress costumes - to find out more about World Book Day visit the offical site .



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Disney Peter Pan Classic Kids Costume


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