The WORST Office Christmas Party Faux Pas EVER

Ahh… Christmas. The time of good-will and forgiveness, of sweet-smelling pine and kiss-inducing mistletoe, of fine wines and delicious food.

Let’s be honest though, there are one or two REALLY annoying things about the festive season. The relatives you’ve never met, who you’re forced to give up your bed for. The shopping centres rammed with aggressive alpha shoppers, the festive tunes you can’t get out of your brain and of course, that long dreaded office Christmas party.

Who wants to spend excessive amounts of festive playtime with the same people you see 9-5, 365 days of the year in the office? But who knows, you might actually have some fun? Just don’t have TOO MUCH fun!

To help you survive your Xmas bash without being fired, here’s a little something to help you navigate any potential pitfalls.  We also included a few funny stories from the people who didn’t follow our advice. Be warned.



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