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Yellow Morphsuit $34.99

Put on your Yellow Morphsuit and bring the heat to any party, festival or Carnival. You'll light up the event like the sun itself New take on the characters from the most popular computer game EVER! We love Mario and all his mates and enemies for that matter. Mario was created 34 years ago so there is a lot of potential for Mario group costume ideas. Here they've just gone for the blokes Mario, Luigi, Wario, Ray (?!) and a Mushroom. We presume these guys spent most of their day team racing and chasing after the mushroom to get the all important speed-up. Undoubtably a strong group costume look but we think it could be taken to a whole knew level by adding in Yoshi, Princess Peach (make her a guy for to maximize the banter), Toad & Donkey Kong. For Halloween we think Boo the Ghost would be a particularly good addition and pretty easy to do with a sheet and costume DIY skillz. Red Morphsuit $34.99

Blow everyone's minds as well as their eyeballs with the one and only Red Morphsuit, one of our bestselling classics.

Turn Blue Morphsuit $34.99

Don't be blue... The Blue Morphsuit is the perfect base layer to any costume, whether you just want to go as blue or accessorise MorphFamous, Mario Fancy Dress Inspiration, Mario Costumes, Group Fancy Dress Inspiration Green Morphsuit $34.99

Be a lean, green party machine in our ever-popular Green Morphsuit.

Because it's such a blank canvas, you can turn yoursel Black Morphsuit $34.99

The Black Morphsuit is simplicity itself, which is probably why it's the bestselling item in the range. Hey, everything goes with VIEW MORE GROUP COSTUME IDEAS http://www.morphsuits.com/inspiration-group-costume-ideas http://www.facebook.com/sharer/sharer.php?u=www.morphsuits.com/inspiration-mario-morph-group-costumehttps://plus.google.com/share?url=www.morphsuits.com/inspiration-mario-morph-group-costumehttps://instagram.com/morphcostumes/http://pinterest.com/pin/create/button/?url=www.morphsuits.com/inspiration-mario-morph-group-costumehttp://twitter.com/home?status=Mario%20Costumeshttp://www.morphsuits.com/yellow-original-morphsuithttp://www.morphsuits.com/red-original-morphsuithttp://www.morphsuits.com/blue-original-morphsuithttp://www.morphsuits.com/green-original-morphsuithttp://www.morphsuits.com/black-original-morphsuit TEAM MARIO MORPH