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Have you ever had issues throwing an Halloween costume together? Do you stress out when trying to pick Halloween accessories? Well, so have we! That is why we have put a lot of thought into making our Halloween costumes the best that they can be! We have Halloween Morphsuits to die for, mummy costumes to wrap yourselves in and zombie outfits that the cast of The Walking Dead would be proud of.
Halloween costumes have certainly advanced into the digital age now. Once upon a time there were some things that you dreaded seeing on a screen on Halloween night, such as old b-movies or celebrity shows on BBC2. Now Halloween costumes have been taken to the next level by incorporating digital features. The Digital Dudz T-shirts, Digital Dudz Costumes, Digital Dudz Morphsuits, and Digital Dudz Masks have realistic looking flesh iWounds with beating hearts and zipper iwounds, perfect for scaring the living daylights out of people.
We have all the classics, including some awesome witches costumes, and if you're not going to a Halloween party then why not hit the town in a glow-in-the-dark skeleton Morphsuit? You'll really stand out on the dance floor, even though there will be no-body dancing with you! Sorry, must return that joke to its correct decade at some point…
Our Halloween costumes show how the range of acceptable Halloween looks have blossomed to include more contemporary costumes. The Android is the scariest robot since that one that sings happy birthday in Rocky IV, and is made from pure titanium and spandex. The Mouth is another particular favourite, featuring a terrifyingly vast chasm of a jaw that can hold its own in any conversation with wine-filled women at 1am.
We have several different nurse costumes to separate the undead from the uncool, and an evil surgeon who was sent over the edge by hospital coffee. The Facelift Morphsuit was created after a quick flick through women's celeb magazines, but unfortunately it's not quite as horrific as some of the nightmares we saw in there.
If you want to dress up as one of your favorite baddies for Halloween, then we have a range of evil characters from a variety of films. Whether you fancy yourself as Darth Maul, or Darth Vadar, we have all the classics from Star Wars. We also have The Joker from Batman, and some of the best Marvel characters.
Finally, we have the Clown, and his even more evil ‘clownterpart', the Killer Clown. About as funny as piles, these two are available in any size, not just ‘big top'.So there we have it - a complete selection of skeletons and scary creations to make your Monsters' Ball a spooky spectacular, and definitely not a quiet ghost town!