Flesh iWound

WARNING: Prepare for people to freak out and stare

Flesh iWound

Be still my beating heart, that's the great pick-up line you can use when you're rocking the Flesh iWound.

And who wouldn't be excited by the sight of a bloody organ pounding away through your shirt? This sartorial shocker is achieved through simply downloading a free app to your smartphone, then popping the phone into a pouch in the shirt. Double tap the beating heart to toggle through extra videos including snakes, tarantulas, gears and maggots. Halloween will never be the same again. The latex shirt is one size and holds any phone snuggly, from iTouch to the Samsung Galaxy Note II.

See it in action!

5 reasons to buy Digital Dudz

  1. They are mind-blowingly awesome.
  2. Full money back guarantee.
  3. They were invented by a NASA Rocket Scientist.
  4. Over 8 million You Tube views can’t be wrong.
  5. Random strangers will stop to see your shirt and give you a high-five.
Price:  $29.95

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