Pirate Costumes

If you walk into a bar in a smart 17th-century suit, with a pirate hat and cutlass, under normal circumstances you'd be laughed out of town (at best). However, going to a pirate costume party? Y'arrrr, now you’re talking! Pirate costumes are even more fun when you rock up with a group of miscreants who are all on theme too – why not get yourself a parrot sidekick? Or persuade some of your crew to dress as zombie pirates? There are more combos than you might think! (For more group costume ideas, visit our inspiration page.)

MorphCostumes has a wide range of pirate costumes and accessories to help you stand out from the other landlubbers. Get equipped for your adventures sailing the high seas, or rather, rocking your pirate costume party. Shiver me timbers!

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